About Project


What is the project about?

The "Local Call to the EU" project, implemented by the National Coalition for Decentralization with partners Group 484 and the Jelena Santic Foundation, strengthens local initiatives to contribute to the EU accession process, creating a decentralized society that nurtures cultural diversity and participatory democracy. The project develops a local democratic culture and local social capital to make reforms useful both for EU integration and for addressing the most urgent needs of local communities. Deeply believing that local communities have enough resources and potential to become better places to live, we provide the resources and assistance for people to recognize local resources and potentials as well as work to improve the quality of life of people in communities. We believe that change comes from the bottom up and that the bearers of change are not individuals but united citizens who act as informal and formal local initiatives.

Project goal

Through this project we want to empower civil society organizations to understand the process of European integration and to implement their activities in the areas of rule of law and cultural diversity, which contribute to the implementation of action plans for negotiating chapters 23 and 24. European integration, supporting creative, new initiatives in small communities, but also to ensure their sustainability and the continuous creation of new initiatives through the support of regional hubs.

Through the area of ​​the rule of law, we support local actions aimed at promoting the rule of law and developing democracy. We also support local actions aimed at the field of cultural diversity with a focus on raising awareness of the work of the same society as a whole, creating lasting forms of political and social integration.

Local initiatives, civil society organizations will be supported as follows: through identification of their needs and capacities, through training and mentoring, project awarding, increasing visibility through regional campaigns, empowerment and networking through regional hubs and participation in EU accession negotiations.

By strengthening local communities, we reach our users: citizens, marginalized groups, local and national actors, cultural and educational institutions, the media.

  • Culture
  • Rule of Law
City / District
Western Serbia, Eastern Serbia, Central Serbia, Southern Serbia, Vojvodina, Belgrade
EU Contribution
1,102,624 €
Negotiating chapter
  • 23 - Judiciary and fundamental rights,
  • 24 - Justice, freedom and security
Implementation period
June 2020 - June 2020
National coalition for decentralization
Implemented by
Foundation Jelena Šantić, Group 484